By erik_sales01
5 years ago

Fender American Standard Telecaster

Selling a Fender American Standard Telecaster from 2008. Purchased factory-new, used casually for several years and still in good condition. All components are original, as the instrument has never been modified. Some scratches/scuffs in the finish on edges/back of the guitar, and a few chips on the top/back edge, but overall it still looks great. Tone knob-cover has come loose but is included and can be re-attached. Includes Fender strap (inner-side peeling off but still holds up), fold-up stand, extra strings, and a soft case. All items sold as-is, with no refunds or returns. I am not interested in trades. Please send me a message if you are interested in buying, or have any questions.

8000 SEK

Solna, Stockholms län






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